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        Research Capacity

        • Technical Advantage

          1Core PIM technology (MIM & CIM)
          295% + feedstock self-developed
          347+ raw materials in use
          4Early involvement in customer design stage
          5Compliance with MPIF-35
          6In-house tooling workshop (design & fabrication)
          7Emphasis on automation
        • Professional Laboratory

          1Testing/Inspection center founded in 1999.
          2Testing labs includes precise dimension measurement, environmental, chemical, reliability, metering & mechanical, all are national-level labs.
          3Scientific testing/analyzing method, professional engineers and sophisticated equipment are all guarantees to assisting our customers in solving all material issues during project development stage and throughout mass production.
          4Shanghai Mayor presented "Multinational R&D Center Award", this is recognition of our capacity.
        • Engineering

          1We have an experienced and innovative R&D team. There is a total of 237 researchers in our company, including 11 master's degree, 59 undergraduate degree, 5 senior titles, 9 intermediate titles, and 7 junior titles.
          2Talents are the key and fundamentality of Future High-tech. To help our employees with their career development, we’re providing considerable incentive system as well as a lot of training.
        • Research Initiatives

          1Exploring and expanding the new materials for MIM: Focus on the basic process and equipment exploration for materials that still have process or cost challenge by MIM technology.
          2In-depth exploration of MIM and post operation: Extend the performance of MIM normal materials by raw material selection, sintering and heat treatment processes optimization.
          3MIM process capability Improvement: Based on the characteristics of the MIM process, By using SPC tool to guide key process, To implement the research of manufacturing process. And identify the key factors for each control process. So that the capability of MIM process will be improved or effectively controlled.
        • Joint Research

          1We make full use of the R&D capabilities of domestic key universities and research institution like Beijing Science and Technology , Materials Science and Engineering Academy of Shanghai Tongji University, metal based materials research institute of Shanghai Tongji University, which provide technical support for the our R&D.
        • Research History

          1Regards “Technical Innovation” as company development policy
          2Promote the construction of independent innovation systems
          3Established the Technology Development Department in 2000
          4Established the R&D Center in 2014
          5Won the honor of Baoshan District Technology Center in 2016
          6Established the Research Center Department in 2016
          7Awarded the multinational company R&D center by the mayor of Shanghai in 2018
          8Obtained 2 invention patents, 32 utility model patents and 6 Software Copyrights. Camera housing assembly made of 17-4PHN material by self-developed won the Innovation Award in WORLDPM2018

        Design, sampling & mass production one stop solution provider.